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Message from the Director

Yukitaka KATO, Assoc. Prof.
Director of the Division of Energy Engineering, the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan

We are under environmental and energy limitations/restrictions in global scales, possible fates of which could be irreparable climate change and depletion of energy resources, respectively. Innovation in energy technologies is thus vital for our society to shift to a sustainable one. Division of Energy Engineering is contributed by engineers/scientists who are working in fields of energy conversion, storage, transportation, management and economy. This division has primary mission to provide the division members with opportunities to promote their R&D, publication, educational works and other activities through collaboration among division members and people from other divisions and academic/engineering societies as well. Division of Energy Engineering also has a mission to represent The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan for activities related to energy technologies, and therefore involves the following sections as groups of experts.

  • Utilization of Carbonaceous Resources
  • Thermal Energy Technology
  • New energy and energy systems
  • Fuel cells and batteries
  • Biomass Utilization

Division of Energy Engineering welcomes you who strive for development and propagation of innovative/improved energy technologies.